Blair Wilson formally welcomes Morgan (left) and Peter Tomlinson (right) as full members of the choir

-      Meet like minded friends who love to sing a wide range of traditional and modern music.
-      Contribute to the variety of performing arts scene which exists in Chester city,
-      Perform in and around the city, all around the UK and on occasions travel abroad,
-      Support local charities and good causes,
_      No previous experience required. If you can sing in tune and hold a note you can learn to
        sing in a chorus of voices.



Morgan Jones, Baritone, has said: "I’ve lived in Great Boughton for over 20 years.  My dad is Welsh and has been in male voice choirs for my whole life.  I remember various family weddings (including my own) where we had a male voice choir, and my dad and other family members would ‘leave’ the event to join the choir and sing with them.  I’ve always assumed I’d join a choir at some point, but never quite got round to it."

Morgan, 47 added " I recently found myself with a lot more time on my hands after my twins had both gone off to University, so I contacted the choir and was invited to the next rehearsal.  From that first rehearsal on it’s been a really warm and welcoming group.  I’m enjoying learning to sing harmony parts, which I’d never done before, and just being a part of something that sounds so powerful. I did my first performance recently at Chester Market and whilst it made me realise how much more practice I need, I still really enjoyed myself.  I’m really looking forward to inviting my dad to come and listen at some point soon."

Peter Tomlinson, First Tenor has said " When I retired, I wanted a nice activity other than gardening and DIY. I have always liked music and decided to join a choir. I can't play any instruments, but I can do the next best thing and that is to sing. My vocal chords are my very own musical instrument that I carry with me all the time. So, decided to go along to the Chester Male Voice Choir rehearsal one evening just to see what it was all about."

Peter 67 who lives on the outskirts of Chester added "The members all made me feel very welcome. I was allocated a singing buddy to help me on my way. The music, the pianist and the musical director makes it all feel very professional and when all those voices come together. Wow! What a buzz. What a sense of achievement to be part of it. Even though I am relatively new, I felt confident enough to sing at a recent public performance in Chester, just a few weeks after joining. If you like music and singing, like good company, and a new challenge, give it a go."